Brittany Mahomes Condemns Joe Rogan Joking Her Social Media Antics

Kansas City's eternal homecoming queen now confronts backlash from the top podcaster in the world and so many dudes who take his word and lazy questions as gospel truth. 

And this presents a conundrum to us . . .


And so . . . This is turning out to be a crisis of conscience which confronts quite a few fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's fun when "WE" mock Brit but some outsider having a laugh at her expense might be out of bounds.

Maybe a bit more explanation will help us decide right from wrong . . . Here's how the conversation started . . .

"Patrick Mahomes has a wife that’s just wild. She’s up in the box and films herself…and Patrick is obviously the man, and then he’s got a crazy wife and a brother up in the box, doing all that s---."

Then, Rogan said his piece. 

"The problem is they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you with that same energy."

"Something about grown men talking s--- about someone’s wife is real weird…" Mahomes Tweeted

A glimpse at the segment . . .

 And so . . . 

We'll share more links on the topic but here's our main question . . .

Betwixt the creepy Joe Rogan quip or the oblivious comeback from one of our local elites: Who's right?!?

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You decide . . .