Beta Testers: New KCI Kinda Sucks

The big let down has finally arrived.

Credit where it's due . . .


Here's a peek at lowered expectations . . .

“We know there are a lot of things left to learn, things we are going to learn very quickly in terms of signage and printers that need to be reset,” said Justin Meyer, deputy director at KCI. “Now is the time of us to get those details correct.”

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Kansas Citians offer minor critiques during KCI simulation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Aside from the need for some additional signage and a few more chairs in baggage claim, people participating in Tuesday's test run had positive review Kansas City International Airport terminal. "I followed this thing from its infancy," said Huston Myers, who was at the simulation.

Volunteers test KCI terminal two weeks before opening [PHOTOS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Two weeks before the public opening of the new $1.5 billion Kansas City International Airport terminal, volunteers got to test the facilities as part of a simulation exercise. The Kansas City Aviation Department, along with some airlines and other players, hosted 700 volunteers to act as air travelers.


Kansas City gets its first chance to test out the new KCI airport terminal: 'A beautiful space'

For the volunteers who got to be the first in Kansas City to "travel" through the new Kansas City International Airport terminal on Tuesday, the first sign of change was the parking lot. The garage has seven levels and 6,300 spaces.

The new KCI terminal is getting put through its paces with a test run

Two weeks before opening, the new Kansas City International terminal is going through a test run today.Nearly 700 pre-registered volunteers played the role of travelers in this exercise.Those volunteers used a variety of itineraries to go through the motions of departing and arriving on flights at the new terminal.This practice

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