Babylon Bee Posts Stinging Satire Of Horrible Hallmark Movies

Actually, the "news" is somewhat hopeful and seems to indicate progress. 

Here's the money line sent our way by the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS for those who haven't seen it already . . .

"After years of sweat, tears, and no small number of lives lost, we are proud to say we are very, very close to developing a second movie plot," said Hallmark's Director of Movie Plot Research, Dr. Professor Herbster Blongweiss to a crowd of middle-aged women wearing sensible sweaters and hairdos from ten years ago. "Once perfected, this second plot will have viewers literally falling in love while holding their hot cocoas and bulk-size bags of cheese puffs."

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Hallmark Researchers Say They Are Close To Developing A Second Movie Plot

HOLLYWOOD, FL - Emerging from deep within the lower levels of a high-security Hollywood laboratory, Hallmark researchers have surfaced to announce they are finally nearing the development of a second movie plot. This second movie plot is reported to be vastly different from the original plot which has been utilized in 1,437 Hallmark movies.