Atrocious New Kansas City Flag For Sale

Posted to his followers and constituents . . . We take a peek at embattled Kansas City council dude shilling for the new KCMO flag.

Meanwhile . . .

So many constituents who have problems with his lackadaisical approach to bike lanes, short-term rentals and river market development might not be inspired by this trivial bit of salesmanship. 

Nevertheless and in fairness, we share the pitch and more info . . .

The Design:  The updated Kansas City Flag takes the best parts of its predecessor and modernizes it into a great flag for 2023 and beyond. The design process was lead by Kansas City’s creative director Jared Horman, with help from the city's communications team.

The red represents the warm hearts of the people of the Midwest and celebrates Kansas City's kindness. The blue represents the city from river to sky. Blue celebrates the relationship with the Missouri River and the expansive possibility of prosperity. The juxtaposition of red and blue illustrate Kansas City's welcoming spirit to all.

The fountain shape (taken from the previous flag) reads as a heart, symbolizing Kansas City as the "Heart of the Nation" and celebrates its heritage as "The City of Fountains."

New Kansas City Flag (Updated 2023) Preorder

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New city flag designed for KC's now (and tomorrow): Here's where you'll see it flying first

"We knew that the flag needed to be really simple and easily recognizable from a far distance," said Jared Horman, designer of the new KCMO flag, noting being part of its unfurling this week is "the coolest thing that's ever happened to me."