American Royal Stays Losing 'Border War' Plans For Kansas Move

We don't get to many thrills publishing this dump of a blog but laughing, mocking and pointing at the FAILURES OF OUR BETTERS is certainly a perk that keeps us coming back. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane . . .

Not so long ago the Kemper clan defiantly gave Kansas City, Missouri the middle finger as they announced they were moving to Kansas by way of Star bonds, hubris and possibly a great deal on boat shoes at The Legends.  

It seems like yesterday but that was all the way back in 2016. 

And how is the move going???


And whilst the website has pretty pictures but very few deets . . . It seems that developing a grandiose project like this will take more than corporate welfare and polo shirts.

TKC fun fact . . . Over the years we've noticed that whenever a developer includes a Ferris wheel in their plans . . . They're usually full of it.

Again, more backstory is required . . .

From 2016 . . . Here's part of the annoucment . . .

"After 117 years in the West Bottoms, the American Royal Association will move to new facilities in a $160 million complex to be developed across the state line in Wyandotte County."

At the time this was an insult, a slap in the face an an affront to Kansas City history. 

Credit where it's due . . . In a rare moment of brilliance, Mayor Sly basically called their bluff and didn't give into pressure to throw money and the MEGA-RICH Kemper development group.  

Still . . .

The charade went on for a few years . . . Here's an update and progress report from 2019.

"The American Royal has secured the 115 acres in Kansas City, Kan., where it plans to build its new $250 million home, the nonprofit announced . . . The facility aims to be "the national destination for the food and agriculture industry, the Epicenter of Agriculture — a vision that will elevate the presence of the longstanding Kansas City tradition,” the American Royal said in a release."

Now insiders give us a few deets . . . 

"When is the big move happening??? I know they can use the pandemic as an excuse but the truth is that there's no will to get this done and very little demand for the project. Sure, they could self-finance but honestly NOBODY seems interested." 

Except for TKC . . . When it comes to the super rich falling flat on their face . . . This kinda thing makes riding the bus half asleep seem more tolerable. 

More importantly . . .

Friday follow-up on this project is important because it puts the ongoing economic "border war" into perceptive. 

Nobody can tell the future and whilst luring away developments from one city to the next might seem like a great pastime for politicos without any dignity . . . As we can see, it doesn't always work out.

Developing . . .