AMC Ticket Spike ALMOST Explained As Movie Theater Biz Enters Obsolescence

The local connection is that this chain was founded in Kansas City.

Moreover, there's still one sad, sad version of its corporate headquarters located somewhere in suburban depths of Leawood, Kansas . . . Ironically, right across the street from the old Sprint campus.

Anyhoo, here's how their scheme works according to a very bad plan that will chase away even more customers . . .

"Three pricing tiers will soon be offered. For example, the highest-end “Preferred” tier are in the middle of the theaters and will be priced at a “slight premium” compared to its “Standard” tier, which the theater chains says will remain the most common choice and will be sold for the “traditional cost of a ticket.” The third tier is called “Value,” which are seats in the front row of theaters and will cost less than than its “Standard” tier."

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AMC will start charging more for better movie theater seats | CNN Business

AMC Theaters is changing the way it charges for seats.

AMC is about to make paying for theater seats more like booking an airline ticket

Starting pretty soon, some tickets at AMC locations are going to be getting cheaper and more expensive depending on where you sit as the movie theater chain introduces a new tiered pricing scheme called Sightline.

17 Hilarious Jokes To The News That AMC Theaters Is Raising Its Prices On The Best Seats

In case you missed the news, earlier today Variety reported that AMC Theatres would be raising the prices of its tickets based on the seat locations.

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