ACLU Seyz Kansas Death Penalty Akin To Lynching & Racial Violence

A political screed from activist lawyers is worth considering even for those who disagree.

Here's the racially-charged language legal eagles are using to justify their advocacy and incite policy change:

"The line between lynching, racial violence, and the death penalty is undeniable . . . Though the modern Kansas death penalty statute was enacted in 1994, the state’s capital punishment system is the legacy of more than 150 years of racial violence against non-white Kansans, especially Black residents."

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We're Putting the Death Penalty on Trial in Kansas | News & Commentary | American Civil Liberties Union

I have lived in flyover states my whole life. People tend to overlook the transformational change and creative organizing that happens in the Midwest. But I have known our capacity to show up for justice and equality for years.