Wyandotte High School Media Strategy FAILS Amid Widespread Parent Complaints

Per ushe . . . A small time administrator focuses on "controlling the narrative" via media rather than the much harder work of addressing community complaints that sparked news interest in the first place. 

Credit to KMBC for patiently handling this story with a great deal of skill . . .

The incidents and their sheer volume are not the only concern for others KMBC 9 Investigates has interviewed.

They claim school administrators have not contacted parents about some incidents involving their own children, mishandled other cases, and in some instances, ignored them.

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KCKPS responds to complaints of drugs, violence and misconduct at Wyandotte High School

Guns in and around the school, drugs including fentanyl, sexual misconduct, and numerous fights.Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield acknowledged they've all happened this school year at Wyandotte High School.Her comments came after a former employee sent documentation of numerous incidents to KMBC 9 Investigates.KMBC interviewed that