Tribe Demands Shawnee Mission Takeover

A historical debate is very much alive . . . We can only hope their plans to retake the facility include plants for a casino.

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“It not surprising that those responsible for this site’s current condition would be defensive,” said Chief Ben Barnes in an emailed statement. “But no number of false insinuations can change the fact that this important site is in deep distress and that have no plan to ensure it remains available to the public for generations to come. We do. That’s why we have begun conversations regarding the Shawnee Tribe assuming full responsibility for repairing and restoring this critical landmark.”

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Shawnee Indian Mission in "overall distressed condition," according to Shawnee Tribe report

As Kansas lawmakers will most likely discuss the future of one of the state's oldest and most historically significant landmarks in the upcoming legislative session, the Shawnee Tribe has released a study showing the Shawnee Indian Mission, also known as the Shawnee Manual Labor Boarding School, in an "overall distressed condition."