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This weekend the fading middle-class using credit cards to run up tabs at mostly overrated local restaurants.

Meanwhile, we missed this peek at activists attempting save the planet by playing with food. 

Here's background and the reasoning behind their efforts to clean your plate . . .

Karen Ramsey, the co-founder of Food Cycle KC, says climate change is forcing many people to think about how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

“The need is there,” Ramsey says. “And composting is a very straightforward solution to multiple problems that we have.”

The problems lie, she says, in how food scraps get trapped beneath the earth in landfills. There they decompose, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere — a major contributor to global warming.

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Thinking about composting? Here's how to start recycling your food waste around Kansas City

The city of Olathe recently launched a pilot program to compost food scraps from residents. While other governments around Kansas City haven't taken that step yet, there are still ways for residents to start composting and help divert food waste away from the landfill.