TKC Reader Shares New Year's Resolutions

As always we want to THANK OUR KICK-ASS TKC READER COMMUNITY for sharing insight, time and perspective with us.

Agree or disagree, here's an exceptionally well-written submission that offers inspiration for personal growth and hopefully a bit of debate. 

Weirdly, there are about half-a-dozen dudes who call themselves "Chuck" who read this blog. Right now we feature life lessons from one of them . . . Check-it . . .


Can't we all just get along?  (Hey, I'm an optimist at heart)

Quit thinking of yourself as a victim, quit describing yourself to others as a victim, and get off your fat ass and start pursuing what you want out of life!  Who's stopping you from accomplishing your goals?  Look in the mirror.

Quit trying to be the FIRST at something!  The first Black fill-in-the-blank; the first openly gay fill-in-the-blank; the first female fill-in-the-blank; ad nauseum.  If your goal is to be treated equally, then don't differentiate yourself into an identity politics pigeonhole!

Quit believing that corporate media is in the news business and seeks to inform you of the truth.  They're pathological liars and propagandists working at the behest of the Powers That Be/Deep State/Military Industrial Intelligence Community Complex.  If your local television news "personality" has to wear a wig and/or makeup to do their job, they're a professional clown!

American national politics is run like organized crime families vying for power.  Yes, both major parties are guilty, and if you don't believe that, you've been duped by the faux duality of Right/Republican/Conservative versus Left/Democrat/Progressive.  Once they get you to strongly identify with one party, you've been captured by the corrupt system.  Everyone should identify as an Independent.  It means people actually have to listen to your views before rendering a judgment!

Boycott professional sports in 2023.  Tell team owners to go to Hell and that you won't be blackmailed into paying taxes to support their billionaire fat-cat corporate welfare.  Want a new stadium or facility upgrade?  Fine by me, go build it anywhere you want with your own dollars.  Good riddance, and don't let the door hit you on the way out-of-town!

With your newly discovered free-time (see boycott above) and spare dollars in the budget, how about you do something to help yourself and family, instead of enabling sociopathic professional athletes and their owners.   A Sunday family dinner tradition renewed, a walk, a bike ride, or take the dog for a long walk.  If you have children still in school, spend some precious time with them, teach them values/morals, tell them you're proud of them and encourage them to aim high with their goals.  Every high school graduating class will have a valedictorian, why can't it be your child?

Quit buying crap that you don't really need.  Embrace the simple minimalist lifestyle.  Before you spend more than $50.00 on anything, stop, think, and ask yourself "Do I really need this?"  Many purchases are simply bad habits or chasing after temporary fulfillment.  A savings cushion means more freedom for you. Living paycheck-to-paycheck traps you in servitude.

Quit (or restrict) watching television.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Passive indoctrination is slavery without the chains!

Quit giving your power away.  Do not subordinate yourself to someone with a title or position of authority.  President, politician, celebrity, faith leader, "influencer", board member, uniform wearer, etc., if they're human don't put them on a pedestal.  I dare say that everyone reading this likely has superior intellect and reasoning skills compared to our current POTUS.  (Yes, he's cognitively-impaired, abandon your denial.)  Now to be clear, I'm not suggesting you ignore the lawful commands of a law enforcement officer (that would be stupid and potentially lethal) but there's a method to dispute conflicting versions of events.

Birds of a feather flock together.  If you believe that the greater society discriminates against your race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, hair color, or lack of hair, whatever, guess what?  No one is coming to save you.  Your salvation lies in voluntary segregation.  Convince all your oppressed bald friends to form a community, patronize each other's business, strengthen the neighborhood, obey the law, and silently lead by example.  If you're successful, eventually society will come to the realization that "those bald people" are actually model citizens.  People will be shaving their head to get into your neighborhood….it could happen!

Ok, my stream of consciousness is ebbing to a trickle, so I'll just leave you with this ancient maxim to adopt as your  2023 resolution:  "The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated."  So simple!

Thanks for reading, thanks for your patience and understanding, and while I'm a work-in-progress, I'm striving to do better.  Happy New Year TKC Readers!


And so . . . 


You decide . . .