TKC Exclusive: Restaurant Week 2023 FAILED

According to insiders, servers, patrons and by most accounts . . .


A few reasons out of many . . .

Staffing - Workers remain in short supply and the influx of hungry patrons were simply too much for skeleton crews to handle. 

Tipping Confusion Amid Discounts - There was a push to play up bargains this year because of inflation and the impending recession. That worked against servers as small bills translated to smaller tips and a bevy of cheapskate customers. 

COVID Culture Clash - In many parts of the metro the pandemic has been over for at least a year. In KCMO there are still people wearing masks and cautious about going out in public. KCMO-based patrons interacting with some of our suburban neighbors didn't go well amid the widespread social disintegration caused by the pandemic. 

Finally . . .

Everybody knows that restaurant specials are mostly just slop they couldn't sell the first time around.

For these reasons and many more . . . The reviews we're hearing from Restaurant Week 2023 are decidedly mixed and skewing toward awful.

Your mileage may vary depending on whether or not a relative conned you into investing into a restaurant. 

In fairness, we share far more optimistic perspectives . . .

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