Squatter Suspected Of Torching Historic Kansas City Fire Station?!?

Amid the bitter, cold winter there's always a great deal of hand-wringing over the fate of the homeless.

Some offer compassionate humanitarian concern whilst others decry open-air drug markets disguised as homeless camps.  Either way, the problem is getting worse in Kansas City despite MILLIONS dedicated to address the issue.

Accordingly, recently Northeast news buried the leade in their follow-up report regarding an EPIC fire seen across the skyline.

Here's the word and something to consider as KCMO copes with record numbers of these often lovable but still concerning scamps across the metro . . .

"Due to increasing problems with trespassers and squatters occupying the building illegally, the owners had repeatedly attempted to secure the structure. Upon their arrival Tuesday, fire crews noted one man leaving the building, stating there was nobody left inside before leaving the scene."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

A piece of Kansas City Fire Department history burns

Michael Bushnell Northeast News Kansas City Fire Department crews responded to a structure fire Tuesday morning at the old Fire Station 10 located on Virginia Avenue between Independence Avenue and Admiral Boulevard. Upon arrival, the building was almost fully involved and fire crews took a defensive stance, establishing collapse zones after the roof collapsed into the interior of the structure.