Show-Me Sketchy Slavery Connection To State Administration Of Local Police

Hipsters share a questionable arrangement . . .

We'll start with a fact check for anybody unfortunate enough to encounter this bit of revisionist history:

No, Modern Policing Did Not Originate with Slavery

Money line with more than a bit of objectivity that should help both sides agree on some version of reality: 

"To the extent that modern police forces took over the job of enforcing racist laws, that is simply because enforcing the laws is what police do. The fault for that lies in the laws and the people who make them, not in some idea that policing is tainted by having been preceded by slave patrols. In fact, modern policing has a distinct and well-known origin outside of the slaveholding South."

In a more practical sense . . . 

Voters have shown that, for better or worse, the majority of Americans are more centrist and reject radical anti-police rhetoric.

As always, in fairness, we present the other side of the story . . .

"Now 10 years after the city officially reclaiming supervision of the police, a Missouri Senate bill aims to put St. Louis’ police department back under state control — a policy originally born out of pro-slavery leaders’ attempt to maintain control 150 years ago."

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Missouri Republicans push for state to take over control of St. Louis police department

St. Louis Metropolitan Police officers in the juvenile unit visit with St. Louis Public Schools students on Dec. 8, 2022 (Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department) Kansas City is the only major city in the country where the city's elected leaders don't control the local police department - a state-appointed police board does.