Show-Me Progressive Citizen Initiative Petition Talking Points Threatening Democracy

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If there is a critical issue with widespread support that can be ABSOLUTELY MISHANDLED AND DEFEATED . . . Then trust Missouri Democrats to do just that.

For starters, here's a peek at their off-putting logic . . . Or lack thereof . . .

Missouri lawmakers have introduced a slew of bills aimed at restricting voters’ ability to directly amend our state’s constitution. Proponents claim it’s too easy to change the constitution and that the process allows billionaires and out-of-state money to influence our laws.

First, it’s anything but “easy” to amend the State constitution.

It’s not “easy” to collect the mandatory 170,000+ signatures — by hand, not online — to get a proposal on the ballot. It’s not “easy” to mount a grassroots campaign to educate voters about an initiative. You know what’s easy? Passing legislation with a super majority in the legislature and party control in the governor’s mansion. That’s easy.


If it was "easy" than Missouri Democrats might be able to do it. 

In fact . . . Building a statewide constituency of loyal voters willing to accept some absolute batsh*t crazy ideas just to keep the even more unstable party out of power . . . That's actually a very tough trick to pull off. 

Meanwhile . . .

Instead of reaching across the aisle and finding support and common ground with Republicans in a much more powerful bi-partisan effort . . . Our progressive friends risk losing a critical means of progress for voters in Missouri.

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For over a century, Show-Me-State voters have had the ability to amend the constitution by ballot initiative and simple majority vote. As a conservative, I take pride in the fact that our state's forefathers had the foresight and humility to provide the people with a mechanism against political tyranny.