Show-Me Politics Of Public Education

Here's an artful connection of teacher salaries to recent legislation on critical race theory. 

Sadly, most of this debate merely proves that it's getting harder to learn much in Missouri schools.

Check the money line . . .

"To the extent that there has been some discussion of legislation this year to actually fix the problem by permanently raising those salaries, legislators would send a strong message by making it the first school-related issue they confront in the new legislative session. Instead, Parson’s fellow Republicans are forcefully confronting that other education crisis — the one that doesn’t actually exist outside the frenzied imaginations of their most extreme right-wing constituents."

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Editorial: Missouri lawmakers are slandering teachers while grossly underpaying them

Missouri's classrooms are facing a crisis. The state's public school teachers are the lowest paid in the nation, which has spawned a serious teacher shortage and affected the quality of education here. So of course the state's Republican legislative majority is diligently filing legislation to confront ... critical race theory.