Show-Me McCloskey Guns Overruled By Missouri Judge Despite Pardon

Quick note from the past regarding gun safety, crowd control, protest postscript and bad form.

This headline didn't earn as much attention as it deserved during the holiday week. Check the postscript:

Mark McCloskey brought a lawsuit last year in which he alleged the couple was entitled to the Colt AR-15 rifle and a Bryco .380-caliber they were forced to surrender after their plea deal and the roughly $2,750 they were ordered to pay.

The couple was pardoned by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, a Republican, after they pleaded guilty.

Circuit Judge Joan Moriarty ruled Wednesday that the pardon had no bearing on the plea agreement.

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Missouri judge rules McCloskeys not entitled to have weapons returned, fines remitted after pardon

A Missouri judge ruled this week that Mark and Patricia McCloskey aren't entitled to get their weapons back or have their fines remitted because they were pardoned by the governor after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges last year. The McCloskeys pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and second-degree harassment, both misdemeanors, connected to a standoff with protesters in 2020.