Show-Me Little Shame For Missouri's Homeless Crackdown Laws

Sorry, but the heartfelt tone of recent news reports don't seem to be garnering much sympathy or change.

So far we haven't noticed much resistance except from valiant advocates for hobo campers. Their passionate pleas lovingly broadcast by public radio might help raise donations . . . But given so much antipathy against local, illegal campers: We're just not seeing them "move the dial" for any civic action.

Latest example . . .

"Unhoused persons who don’t comply could face a $750 fine or 15 days in jail for sleeping under highways or in public parks. "

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'Optics move': Advocates oppose new Missouri homelessness law

( NewsNation) - Sleeping on state-owned land is now a misdemeanor in Missouri after a law went into effect Jan. 1. Critics of the legislation say it stigmatizes and harms the homeless. KCUR, NPR's member station in Kansas City, reports that "sleeping, camping, or having long-term shelter on state-owned land" is illegal.