Show-Me Lady Political Dress Code

File this one under Missouri fashion and/or Dress Barn shopping list.

Credit to hottie Siri who is a bit more risque than most Missouri politicos and their polyester blends.

We highlight this apt take on the debate from an Kansas City politico . . .

The new dress code for women says: “Proper attire for women shall be business attire, including jackets worn with dresses, skirts, or slacks, and dress shoes or boots.”

“I’ve seen a lot of lack of decorum in this room in my two years here and not once has that lack of decorum spurred from someone’s blazer or lack thereof,” said Rep. Ashley Aune, D-Kansas City.

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Dress code for women legislators debated in Missouri House

JEFFERSON CITY - Democrats on Wednesday slammed a Republican-backed change to the Missouri House dress code for women legislators. Rep. Ann Kelley, R-Lamar, proposed explicitly requiring women legislators to wear jackets on the House floor, saying "it is essential to always maintain a formal and professional atmosphere."