Show-Me Kansas City Stoner Public Weed Smoking Etiquette ALMOST Explained

Technically lighting up in public is against the rules for so many locals pretending that weed smoke isn't ubiquitous in just about every entertainment district after dark.  

Nevertheless . . . We enjoy the reporting on one more hypocrisy of small town American life . . . Like how every middle-aged dude pretends not to understand the very real science related to women ACTUALLY cheating more than men . . .

However, marijuana consumption in public won’t be permitted, according to Jonathan Lewis, a marijuana advocate and owner of Mo Gro solutions.

“Education is the key. Knowing how to consume or what to consume is the key,” Lewis said Monday.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Feb. 6 is the target date folks in the cannabis industry believe they'll be able to start selling recreational cannabis in Missouri. "Nobody sent out a message saying that's the definite day but, as I understand it, the comprehensive licenses will be handed out on the 3rd, and the 6th - we'll be able to sell," said Rob Sullivan, owner of Fresh Green Dispensaries.

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