The new cash crop windfall was too good to be true . . . And now workers argue for their piece. 

Objectively . . . We're curious if fair labor wage complaints confronting weed dealers will earn the same kind of right-wing ire reserved for fast food workers. 

TKC futurism: One day weed robots will rule us all.

In the meantime, here's a peek at one of many complaints taking hold in the Show-Me State . . .

On Monday, dispensary workers at Bloom Medicinals staged the state’s first strike in the cannabis industry. Workers at the O’Fallon dispensary staged a walkout then gathered outside with signs and picketed the lot of the facility.

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Missouri sees first dispensary strike to start the year

In July of 2022 workers at the O'Fallon Bloom Medicinals location voted to unionize . The worker vote made Bloom the second dispensary in the state at the time to vote to unionize.