Show-Me Drag Obsession Debated

That lead photo features Milton Berle and Bob Hope putting on a "drag show" of sorts for TV audiences about 60 years ago. 

Sorry, but Missouri debate about drag shows and trans sports is getting tired and only really seems shocking to old school voters who spend most of their day watching The 700 Club . . . Which still exists for some strange reason. 

Anyhoo, here's a bit more content on the topic . . .

Doctors, along with many parents and educators, say legislation targeting LGBTQ people, and in particular youths, helps foster a climate of homophobia and transphobia.

Bills considered during a House committee hearing included restrictions on which teams transgender athletes play on — particularly girls — from K-12 through college. Transgender girls could only play on boys’ teams under several proposals.

Republican bill sponsors argued the legislation is necessary because boys have an unfair advantage, although both Republican and Democratic committee members questioned whether boys are intrinsically better at all sports compared to girls.

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Drag queens speak against Missouri bills on transgender kids

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Dozens of advocates, including drag queens in full makeup, rallied Tuesday at Missouri's Capitol against bills banning transgender athletes from participating on girls sports teams, gender-affirming treatment for transgender kids and public drag shows.

Messenger: GOP obsession with drag queens has serious consequences in Missouri

My wife used to sell makeup to drag queens. It was early in our marriage and we were living in Columbia, Mo. A childhood friend of hers from rural Missouri sometimes dressed in drag for performances at a local bar. He and his friends liked the brand of makeup my wife sold as a side business.