Should Paseo Academy Have Quit B-ball Game OR Triumphed Over Haters?!?!

This is a tough call and I'd honestly like to see some informed opinions given that TKC is not a parent or coach . . .

Still . . . Long, long ago TKC did compete in school sports and the reality is that there will ALWAYS be jerks in the crowd who say nasty things. 

Is the teachable moment here that walking away and/or forfeiting is more honorable than maintaining composure, focusing on the task at hand and possibly earning a victory??? Or, even better, offering the very best competition the team can muster and finding dignity even in defeat.

Again, TKC is an eternal optimist and we truly believe that the mighty, mighty Paseo Pirates should have taken the opportunity/chance to triumph over haters and their opposition.

But again, I'm not a parent or a coach so I'll defer to their judgement. 

Here's a glimpse at the sitch . . .

Students from Paseo Academy were preparing for an away basketball game. Before they even got off the bus, they were met with racist and derogatory comments from a Richmond student.

An administrator made the immediate call, their players would not take the court.

In a statement, KCPS Interim Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier says, "While I'm saddened by this incident, I am proud of the way our student-scholars handled themselves.

UPDATE: The game WILL NOT BE rescheduled . . . 

Read more via link . . .

Paseo Academy basketball team faces racist remarks from student at game in Richmond

The Kansas City Public School District and Richmond R-XVI School District have confirmed that the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts boys basketball team faced racist and derogatory remarks at their game on Tuesday.KCPS released a letter from interim superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier Wednesday denouncing the incident.

Missouri district apologizes after racial slurs led to canceled basketball game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Richmond, Missouri, School District is apologizing after one of its students yelled racial slurs at Paseo Academy basketball players. Paseo staff called off the game Tuesday night and took their players home. "I felt upset because I'm Black, too, you know, and that is going on.

Basketball game between Paseo Academy, Richmond High School canceled after racist incident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Racist and derogatory comments directed at basketball players on the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts before the team got off their bus led to the cancellation of Tuesday night's game against Richmond High School.

Developing . . .