Should Kansas Local Guv Officials Enact Abortion Restrictions?!?!

The legality of this move will be the first challenge . . .

Moreover . . . There aren't many people running for city council in any part of the country who are really qualified to make this decision. Moreover, most local politicos would rather talk trash pickup and local budgets than decide healthcare issues.

Here are the basics of a controversial bit of legislation to further balkanize the nation by way of zip code:

"With Senate Bill 65, Kansas joins several states where abortion opponents want to give local governments the authority to restrict or ban abortion."

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Kansas lawmakers can't ban abortions, so some want to give that power to local governments

WICHITA, Kansas - Kansas joins a handful of states debating the power of local governments to restrict abortion. Legislation proposed this week seeks to give local governments the authority to ban abortion. That marked the second bill concerning abortion introduced by Kansas abortion opponents so far this legislative session after a landslide statewide referendum in favor of abortion rights last year.