Shawnee Ray Still Trolling Mayor Distler

For the sin of thinking about sprucing up something so, so very boring like municipal branding . . . Golden Ghetto blogger Shawnee Ray continues to bully his least favorite politico.

We're only linking his note because it's everything that we DON'T want this blog to become: Mainly, a litany of complaints without a sense of humor, charm or any informational value. 

To be fair . . . The online bullying was effective at one point and seemingly inspired the mayor's arrest by very, very bored po-po . . . Don't worry if you don't remember the controversy. It eventually ended in a NOTHING BURGER of a controversy and/or an adorably decent mugshot for TKC to use from time to time.

Author's note: When they lock us up for stealing snack cakes from the Linwood Costco like some chubby, modern day Jean Valjean we doubt our mug will be nearly as presentable . . . But I digress . . .

And with that . . . We give the floor to Ray but hope to discourage any negative reinforcement  . . . 

Note that our self indulgent mayor made this item pretty much about herself.  Here is what happened.  The city put out a contract to get new branding.  Basically, to get rid of the naked tree and the tag line "Good starts here."

Read more via link . . .

Shawnee Ray: Mayor Distler Eats Shoe Leather