Shawnee, Kansas Woke White Lady Book Club: Where Happiness Dies?!?


This actually sounds like a really fun idea and a great activity for middle-aged white ladies who want to do something more productive than asking to see your manager. 

Sure . . .

There is a progressive bent to this female-focused intellectual pursuit but that's a fight that Oprah won back in the 90s. 

Here's the pitch . . .

"The idea for Monthly Book Clubs for Brilliantly Bookish People was sparked after Vincent and her 13-year-old daughter noticed a lack of community conversation around issues that naturally, should be talked about. Joining the group means discovering some great new reads, sure, but it also means being a part of heart-to-hearts and supporting a local bookseller."

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Seven Stories battles boredom and censorship with new book club programs

Seven Stories, a new bookstore located in Shawnee , is starting the Monthly Book Clubs for Brilliantly Bookish People, created to bring literature lovers together for conversations that matter. Owned and operated by Ali Vincent, the shop opened in late Nov., with plans to create the book clubs from day one.