Review: Pompeo Book Torches Rivals

The Kansas political heavyweight only has a skimpy 1% support to be the next Prez.

However . . .

What we like about this book review is that it's bold enough to acknowledge the writing skillz of the diplomat and offer just a bit of an objective preview into his new book. 

An overview . . .

Never Give an Inch is Pompeo’s opening salvo in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. On cue, he puckers up to Trump, the only declared candidate so far, and thanks Mike Pence, a likely contestant, for bringing him into the fold. But where others are concerned, Never Give an Inch doubles as a burn book.

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Never Give an Inch review: Mike Pompeo as 'heat-seeking missile for Trump's ass'

ike Pompeo is prescient, at least. Back in 2016, as a congressman, he warned Kansas Republicans of the danger posed by Donald Trump. Pompeo lamented that the US had already endured more than seven years of " an authoritarian president who ignored our constitution" - meaning Barack Obama - and cautioned that a Trump presidency would be no different.