Reminder: Oracle Of Omaha Hates Streetcars

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More than anything TKC loves political contradictions. 

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This rich, old white dude might be castigated for his opinion by upwardly mobile young white dudes who see themselves as more forward thinking because of their idolatry of an ancient form of transit popularized in the early part of the 20th century.

Still . . . Given that he's one of the richest men in the world, the advice of this old codger might be worth considering as we move forward with KCMO transit endeavors that still haven't found a revenue stream beyond overwhelming federal subsidy . . .

“I seldom take sides on local issues,” wrote Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor and Omaha’s most famous resident, in a letter in December. “Understandably, it can be off-putting to many to have a wealthy 92-year-old tell them what is good for their future.

“I’m going to make an exception on the streetcar issue.”  

That is the $306 million plan to build a system of streetcars throughout the heart of Omaha, a sweeping project that was discussed for decades and is finally expected to break ground next year. Mr. Buffett argued that the streetcar is too expensive, too inflexible, with decisions “literally cast in cement,” and concluded by saying that Omahans deserve a vote on the matter.

“If granted, I will vote ‘no,’” he wrote.

His voice was a lonely one: America is in the midst of a streetcar boom. In the last decade, streetcar systems have sprung up in Kansas City, Mo., Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., Detroit and Atlanta, among other cities, and more communities are eyeing the possibility of implementing them.

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