Police Report 'No Credible Threat' After Alleged Bishop Miege Racism & Antisemitism

Following admonishment from local activists groups over suspected nasty student Snapchats . . . Here's the aftermath report from local law enforcement . . .

Based on the investigation, police say no one at the school was in danger.

"We have concluded that there is NO credible threat that was ever going to take place because of these postings and we consider the school back to the set standards of being safe."

Chief John Morris, Roeland Park Police

Bishop Miege says appropriate action involving the student has been taken, but did not explain what that discipline entails.

"We will never waiver from public safety and take any threats or concerns as a top priority. We are truly grateful for the cooperation from parents during this period of time. We have experienced your partnership on an even deeper level."

Bishop Miege Administration

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Roeland Park police finish investigation of Bishop Miege High School threat

ROELAND PARK, Kan. - A threat at Bishop Miege Catholic High School earlier this week involved racial and anti-Semitic posts. The school emailed families an update on the investigation Thursday afternoon. According to the email, the school and Roeland Park police determined one student is responsible for the threats and posts.