Only Clay Chastain Can Stop Mayor Q's Kansas City Reelection?!?

Tonight we take a look at the latest note from our friend Clay Chastain. 

For the record, we always want to remind readers that Mr. Chastain remains the only person to ever pass a citywide light rail vote. 

Now . . . 

Results from the City Clerk haven't been posted yet. However, most candidates have received confirmation of their candidacy. Clay will be on the ballot in April.

Another far lesser known candidate Andrew McGuire has a campaign committee and hasn't yet confirmed if he's on the ballot. Official confirmation is expected soon.

For now, we share a word from Kansas City's favorite old school petition gathering activist . . .

Press release from Chastain . . .

The deadline has passed. It's now official: There will be only 2-candidates on the KC Ballot for Mayor: Our current Mayor - who is taking us "nowhere" vs. Activist Clay Chastain who seeks to lead us "to our promise, the City Beautiful".

The contrast between Kansas City's 2- Mayoral candidates could not be more stark: 

(1) One is content with more glitzy projects and just minding our declining store. The other, aims to invest in infrastructure improvements to grow and prosper our store. 

(2) One is an Attorney who has experience holding public office. The other, an Electrical Engineer who has never held public office. 

(3) One blocks petitions and has the backing of the political establishment. The other, uses petitions to challenge the political establishment. 

(4) One is from the City itself and has a very liberal political philosophy. The other, an independent-thinking outsider who holds traditional values.

(5) One is popular. The other, not so much.  

(6) One has a million dollars to help him win. The other, only his ideas. 

(7) One will give our City the same sad things we've had for the last 4-sad years. The other, will overturn the status quo and forge a New Kind of City & better life for All.

Clay Chastain

You decide . . .