Olathe Gunman Stays Winning Self-Defense Argument After Kansas City Shooting

Posting this story mostly as a friendly reminder that fighting with strangers is NEVER a good idea, especially in a nation that hosts more guns than people.

And whilst we vehemently defend the 2nd Amendment, NOTHING about this story should make locals feel safe: 

According to court documents, the stranger exited the vehicle and started to walk away, but THE GUNMAN alleges that he turned and ran at him and his girlfriend after he said police had been called.Kile, who lives in Olathe, said he believed the man was running at them in a “threatening manner,” so he opened fire.

It’s unclear what happened to the man who was shot, but he apparently survived.

After initially declining to file charges, the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office filed two felony charges against Kile in May, first-degree assault with serious physical injury and armed criminal action.

A motion hearing in THE GUMAN'S case, which was scheduled for Friday, was canceled as was the jury trial, which was set to begin Monday, after the shooting victim stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

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Charges dropped against Kansas City security-firm owner who claimed self-defense in shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Criminal charges have been dropped against the owner of a Kansas City, Missouri-based security company who says he shot a man in self-defense last March. Sidney Kile, who owns SK Security, said he was leaving his office near East 12th and McGee streets on March 31 with his girlfriend when the pair found a stranger sitting in his vehicle outside.