Of Course Kansas City Royals Closer 'The Quiz' Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

Kansas City Royals closer Dan Quisenberry was always underrated but now his legacy is getting more thoughtful consideration.

Consider these career achievements as baseball fans reclaim the team's past . . .

He had an excellent career of about a decade. Focusing more on it, though, he had an extraordinary seven-year stretch from 1980-1986.

During those years, he led the league in the following categories:
- Games, three times-
- Games finished, four times
- Saves, five times

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Does Dan Quisenberry belong in the Hall of Fame? An investigation.

Happy Hall of Fame season to all those who celebrate-which should be every single baseball fan but probably isn't. Why is that? It seems that it's because this particular Hall of Fame has more problems compared to other professional sports Halls.