News KCI Budget ALMOST Explained

There's nothing REALLY exciting in this excellent report but, thankfully, it does give readers a sense of scale and reminds us that the smallish monstrosity will cost locals for years to come.

Here's the overview . . .

"But the new terminal is a massive — and expensive — undertaking. And according to the measure that voters approved in 2017, it explicitly cannot receive city funding beyond airport revenue. So where does $1.5 billion to pay for the terminal come from? And why is it $500 million more expensive than initially anticipated?"

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Breaking down the new KCI terminal's $1.5 billion budget

After the city selected Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate to design and finance the terminal, Kansas City voters overwhelmingly approved the project. Nearly six years and $1.5 billion later, the new terminal is set to open in just more than a month.