New York Times Reports Tragic 'Chiefsaholic' Bank Robbery Downfall

A detailed account regarding the dark underbelly of local fandom . . . Even better, they're not locking this one down behind the paywall . . .

The story of a fan in a wolf costume who posted memes, recorded profane hype videos (“Let’s go, baby! You already know what it is! Chiefs Kingdom!”) and is alleged to have robbed a bank, possibly on his way to the game in Houston, sounds like a made-for-Hollywood romp.

But the truth about Babudar’s private life, pieced together from a trail of records left in courthouses and police stations across the country, is more sobering. His father abandoned the family when him was 10, according to court records, and he was arrested repeatedly in his teens and 20s. He appears to have been homeless for many of those years.

As Chiefsaholic, Babudar reinvented himself in the public eye, in the parking lots and stadiums where it’s easy to be a character instead of a person and outlandishness isn’t just tolerated, but celebrated.

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