New JoCo Commish Mike Kelly Puts Public Meetings On Lockdown?!?

From conservative Kansas scribes . . .

After beginning his email to commissioners saying he looked forward to “learning, collaborating and serving our county residents”, Kelly announced the following changes to public participation in meetings, which do not require commission approval:

*No more livestreaming or recording of the public comment period at the beginning of the meetings.

Kelly claimed the county has received a warning from YouTube, which live streams the meetings and stores videos for public access, that its community guidelines were violated last year by a resident’s allegations, during public comment time, of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The chair-elect warned subsequent violations could lead to the county losing the YouTube channel.

Even if true, however, there are many free alternatives to YouTube

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JOCO Commission Chair Mike Kelly acts to restrict public access to meetings - The Sentinel

Incoming Chairman of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) Mike Kelly has announced changes to public access and comment in future meetings, a move that a former rival says is "authoritarian" and "disgusting."