More Deets On Growing Kansas City Weed Biz

The new Kansas City cash crop offers a bevy of opportunities.

Here's a progress report on one effort . . . Which is must mostly hype from hipsters . . . 

The Smokey River Entertainment District will feature an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor club for dining and drinking, and designated cannabis consumption lounges.

Operator Joey Pintozzi is from the Kansas City area originally, and he is the former owner of KC venue The Static Bar. He then spent over 15 years operating bars and nightclubs in Las Vegas’s nightlife scene before working at Hard Rock in southern Florida. After the pandemic, Pintozzi found himself returning to his Kansas City roots, and he founded BesaMe Wellness in response to the state’s new need for medical cannabis.

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Smokey River Entertainment District plans music, cuisine, and legal cannabis lounges

The operators of medical marijuana hospitality group BesaMe Wellness, Joey Pintozzi and Bobby Lessany, are developing a multifaceted entertainment venue along the scenic Missouri River called the Smokey River Entertainment District. Development is underway on the new space, which will showcase music, artwork, cuisine, and more at its events.