KC Tenants Launches Tweet War With reStart

In a battle for cowtown urban core political supremacy . . . The accusations can be brutal.

First we'll talk about our bias on this topic . . . 

reStart is a REAL organization that has helped people find food, jobs and housing for more than 40 years. When desperate people call on their services, they have real help to offer.

Meanwhile . . . I'm still not sure what KC Tenants does other than cherry-pick housing policy to yell about and write a bevy of mean tweets.

Still . . . They wrote an EPIC Google Doc and angry screed regarding overdue rent and took a quick moment to trash a local social service agency.

Take a peek . . .

Again, I'm pretty sure having a small but loyal Internets following so that you can vent your anger doesn't really help anybody. But your mileage might vary.

Developing . . .