Kansas Trans Inmate Convicted Of Killing Woman Earns Transfer To Lady Prison

To be fair . . . Women's prisons are filled with women who have killed women. 

However . . .

The culture war story reads kinda like Ms. Doubtfire only far more horrifying for any of the women on the cell block who might realize that we're really just at the start of this trend . . .

"The inmate was previously known as Thomas Lamb. Lamb was convicted for kidnapping and killing a young woman in 1969, and kidnapping a second young woman in 1970. Court records indicate he legally changed his name to Michelle Lamb in 2007.

"In 2017, a U.S. District Court ruled against Lamb in a lawsuit asking the state to transfer her to an all-female facility, and allow her to pursue gender re-assignment surgery. An Appeals Court upheld the ruling in 2018, stating that, although it was not the treatment Lamb might want, evidence showed she was being provided treatment for gender dysphoria, and the state was not showing “deliberate indifference” to her situation."

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Kansas transgender inmate transferred to all-female prison

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A transgender inmate has been transferred from a Kansas men's prison to the state's women's prison in Topeka. 13 NEWS investigated a question from a view about an El Dorado Correctional Facility inmate being moved to Topeka Correctional Facility, the state's all-female institution.