Kansas Suicide Hotline By The Numbers

What stands out to us is the uptick in calls around the holidays showing a great deal of need for this service. 

Another apropos bonus fact that deserves a mention . . . 

MarketWatch: Rise in middle-aged white ‘deaths of despair’ may be fueled by loss of religion, new research paper argues

More on the local angle . . .

"The hotline has received 11,134 calls since July, with the highest volume coming shortly after the hotline was introduced, with another spike in December, with mental health professionals nationally reporting an uptick in depression and anxiety during the holidays."

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The 988 suicide hotline went live in July. How is Kansas doing six months later?

Thousands of Kansans have dialed the state's 988 suicide prevention hotline since it went live in July, with Kansas performing better than the national average in ensuring those calls are answered in a timely manner.