Kansas Guv Kelly Talks Civility & Unity At Outset Of New Term

Here's our honest question for whoever cares . . .

Angry Kansas GOP loyalists keep arguing that even more vitriolic campaigning against top Democratic Party leaders might turn the tide . . . But on the local level that strategy never seems to work. Is the right-wing doomed to be relegated to rural representation?!?!

Here's the Guv's side of the story . . .

(Guv) Kelly, a Democrat, took the oath of office and began her second term on the south steps of the Kansas Capitol. In her second inaugural address, she called on political leaders to follow the example of everyday Kansans, who she says look out for each other in times of trouble.

“Years from now, if we’re remembered for one thing, let it be this: at a time when national politics was defined by hostility and division, here in Kansas, we chose civility and unity,” Kelly said. “And the people we serve and the state we love are better off for it.”

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Kansas Gov. Kelly calls for 'civility and kindness' in second inaugural speech - Kansas Reflector

It's time to turn down the volume and reject the divisive politics of Washington, D.C., Gov. Laura Kelly said Monday. Instead, she said, Kansas leaders should be "guided by civility and kindness, even when we disagree." "Perhaps, especially when we disagree," Kelly said.