Kansas Court Rules That Local Governments Must Share Raw Data

A glimpse at a bright future that is more searchable and accessible to all manner of hacks & hackers.

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"This ruling puts an end to a tactic sometimes employed by public agencies disinterested in transparency to do things like print thousands of pages of emails rather than provide electronic versions that would be dramatically easier to search and store, not to mention less expensive for taxpayers and better for the environment,” Max Kautsch, the Lawrence attorney who argued the case and president of the Kansas Coalition for Open Government. said.

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'A new era' for open records in Kansas: Court says yes, electronic records must be provided electronically

Share this post or save for later When a person requests a copy of an electronic public record under the Kansas Open Records Act, public agencies must provide that copy in electronic format, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday. This means, for instance, that agencies can't print off copies of Excel spreadsheets - they must provide the spreadsheets themselves.