Kansas City's Marilyn Maye Endures

We've been lucky enough to see one of her shows and it makes us exceptionally happy that local legend Marilyn Maye is still out there performing.

Here's a recent report on her adventures . . .

"Maye is still unbelievable. Now ninety-four years old, she’s one of the last and best of her era. Maye was born in Wichita and raised in Topeka and Des Moines, but she called Kansas City home for nearly seventy years, and it’s where her rise to fame began."

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The iconic Marilyn Maye shares the secrets of her longevity and success

Julie Turner distinctly recalls the first time she saw vocalist Marilyn Maye perform. It was sometime in the late fifties, at the swank Colony Steakhouse in downtown KC's Ambassador Hotel. A friend told Turner-a newcomer to the local music scene who had dreams of becoming a singer-that she had to check out Maye.