Kansas City Weekend News Look: Speaker Squeaker Postscript & Preggo Joker

A TKC classic reference along with another peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Cowtown Weed Supply Meets EPIC New Year Demand

KC's marijuana business owners: Recreational use won't lead to shortages - Kansas City Business Journal

Medical marijuana business owners in the Kansas City area expect to see long lines when they start recreational sales in early February, but no shortage of product. The new amendment to the Missouri Constitution that enables recreational marijuana sales includes a Feb. 7 deadline for issuing comprehensive licenses for medical plus adult use sales.

Golden Ghetto Ramps Up

Lenexa releases final design for $1M skatepark revamp

LENEXA, Kan. - After months of collecting community feedback, the City of Lenexa has unveiled the final design for an upgraded skatepark within Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park. The city's current skatepark is over 20 years old and the pavement is starting to deteriorate. Lenexa will spend $1 million to upgrade the skatepark and nearby parking lot.

Rock Chalk Bill Confusion

Reduced food sales tax rate in Kansas leads to some confusion with shoppers

LEAWOOD, Kan. - After a reduced food sales tax rate went into effect in Kansas on Jan. 1, some shoppers are confused about what they're seeing on their receipts. Just this week, Walmart issued a statement saying it "mistakenly charged the higher, outdated rate along with the new rate."

Kangaroos Earn Cash

UMKC receives $12.97M grant from Kauffman Foundation to boost barrier breaking across KC region, beyond

The University of Missouri-Kansas City has received a historic, five-year, $12.97 million grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to build upon its national leadership in entrepreneurship programming and impact in the Kansas City region. The grant funding will support a variety of efforts, including new and existing programs across campus, the university announced Thursday.

Admitting We Won't Change

Local gyms say no to New Year resolutions and yes to small goals

It's a new year-is it time for a new you? Local gyms would rather not talk about resolutions, but they do want to help members form intentions, establish goals and meet challenges-especially newcomers who join in January and find their motivation lagging by February.

Denise Legacy Protects Us

We are all potential victims of the con artist

Denise Milani was a 32-year-old Czech swimwear model. Paul Frampton was a divorced particle physicist more than twice her age. What happened next was a tale as old as time: they met online; she sent messages by turns steamy and adoring; they arranged to meet in Bolivia, where she was doing a photo-shoot.

White House Sends Shout Out

President Joe Biden Congratulates Kevin McCarthy After He Is Elected New House Speaker

President Joe Biden is offering his congratulations to Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who was elected House speaker early Saturday morning after 15 consecutive rounds of voting. Shortly after the historic election - which marked the first time since 1923 that nobody won the first go-around - Biden, 80, expressed his hope to work with those across the political aisle in a White House statement.

Old School Name Check

Nancy Pelosi cashes in on messy GOP House speaker fight

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., is using the GOP's fight over the speakership as an opportunity to add to Democrats' war chest. House Republicans are headed into their 14th ballot to determine the top dog in the lower chamber, with GOP Leader Kevin of California having a commanding lead.

About The New Guy

The 55th Speaker: Kevin McCarthy is no Nancy Pelosi - and that's a good thing

The ascendance of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as the 55th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives may have come with all of the spontaneity of a shotgun wedding - but it finally came. McCarthy deserved better than a tortuous three-day floor fight but, then again, he is now second in line to the presidency.

Psycho Kansas Talk Denied

Dennis Rader, 'BTK Killer,' says he didn't speak to Bryan Kohberger

The BTK Killer has axed rumors he was in contact with accused quadruple killer Bryan Kohberger. "No on Kohberger all around," the convicted serial killer, whose real name is Dennis Rader, told TMZ in response to a query about whether he had connected with the 28-year-old accused murderer of four college students in Moscow, ID.

Far East Flexes Against Skeptics

China suspends social media accounts of Covid policy critics

Social media platform Weibo says it acted over personal attacks against Chinese Covid experts.

Joker Earns Another Laugh

The Joker Shocks Fans By Becoming Pregnant

The evolution of The Joker just took a surprising turn in his latest ongoing series. His comic, The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing features the Batman villain leaving a swath of destruction in Gotham City, but the latest issue that came out this week also contains a backup story that is [...]

Trading Out Tech

Fed-up Tesla owners say they're so sick of Elon Musk's antics that they're ditching their cars

Some Tesla owners are done with the electric-car brand over Elon Musk's antics. Musk was always outspoken, but lately, he's become increasingly political and controversial. We spoke to three Tesla owners who say Musk has made them rethink their relationship with the brand.

Crocodile Tears From The Crown

Harry is 'more interested' in 'US market' as 'sympathy has run dry'

Prince Harry has ditched attempts to win over the British public as "sympathy has run dry" in the UK, a royal expert said. Victoria Arbiter - daughter of the late Queen's former press spokesperson, Dickie Arbiter - said the Duke of Sussex appears to be "more interested" in "capturing the US market" ahead of the release of several interviews with American media companies.

Hoping Somebody Gets Lucky

Mega Millions jackpot soars to over $1B after no big winner in Friday night's drawing

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The Mega Millions jackpot has risen to an estimated $1.1 billion after no one won big in Friday night's drawing. Don't throw your ticket out just yet though. There were some people in NY and NJ who one $1 million from the drawing.

MSM Reading For Ur Next Sesh

Solo Sex Positions to Try for a Seriously Incredible Weekend-& The Best Orgasm-Inducing Tools That'll Get the Job Done

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. For reasons too complex to get into here, most of us are not taught from a young age about the thrills of masturbation-even though it's likely we're quite interested in that area well before puberty and may have even discovered how good it can feel on our own.

Charging Whilst Charging

Oak Park Mall, other shopping centers plug into EV charging stations - Kansas City Business Journal

For shopping centers, installing electric vehicle chargers can provide a jolt in stiff retail competition. The perks are multifaceted, from attracting new tenants to influencing a consumer's decision to shop there over another center. "It gives incentive for customers to want to come onto the property. ...

Kansas City Carb Conversation

Four Inane Questions with Rye pastry chef/co-owner Megan Garrelts

If you're adamant about your New Year's diet, you best stay away from Rye's Megan Garrelts at all costs. The famed pastry chef is known from coast-to-coast for her decadent gourmet dessert fare. (Her lemon meringue pie = chef's kiss.) She, along with hubs Colby Garrelts, just celebrated Rye Leawood's tenth anniversary a few weeks ago.

More Sweet Talk 

Ice Cream Bae returns to the Country Club Plaza with its own storefront, more flavors

Adison and Jackie Sichampanakhone first launched Ice Cream Bae as a counter-kiosk within the original Made in KC Marketplace. Known for its unique flavors and aesthetic swirls, Ice Cream Bae quickly gained a loyal customer base and hungry social media following - now numbering more than 40,000 on Instagram alone.

Local Music Leader Shares Insights

271: Anita Dixon on UNESCO's Creative City of Music - KC

On this week's episode of the Northeast Newscast we're joined by Anita Dixon, Executive Director of Executive Director at UNESCO Creative City of Music - KC. Dixon was instrumental in Kansas City's recognition as the only Creative City of Music in the United States, and is working to leverage that title into tourism, cultural events and sharing the rich history of Kansas City as the birthplace of Jazz.

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