Kansas City Truman Road Bike Lane Design ALMOST Explained

Actually . . .

Everything about this busted process nearly defies explanation. 

However, here's a peek at one of many public smackdowns endured by city hall when the public denounced their dictatorial plans that didn't take neighborhood perspective into account. 

Check-it . . .

"As attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions or comment about the proposed improvements, the comments focused more on difficulties around the city where bike lanes have already been installed. From north of the river near Zona Rosa, to Armour Boulevard and Gillham Road, commenters shared their continued concerns about sightlines from navigating around cars parked next to protected bike lanes while driving, walking dogs, or pushing a baby stroller. Concerns about the visibility of bikers and their safety was shared by drivers, and issues of feeling safe while riding a bike in unprotected lanes were shared by cyclists."

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Public Works addresses bike lane issues on Truman Road

Dorri PartainContributor Following a January 6 listening session about the protected bike lanes recently installed on Truman Road, the Kansas City Public Works Department hosted an additional session on Wednesday, Jan. 18, to address those concerns and offer solutions. Community members and business owners gathered at Gregg/Klice Community Center, 1600 E.