Kansas City Truman Road Bike Lane Confrontation Aftermath Report

Credit to Northeast News for sharing this follow-up report that offers a great overview after two weeks of intense bike lane & small biz slap fighting . . . 

"One constant remark from business owners was the lack of notification, with many stating they did not receive any letters, calls, or visits from City staff regarding the installation and only found out once the lanes had been painted and poles were being installed."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Business owners speak out about Truman Rd. bike lanes

Dorri PartainContributor A popular diner on Truman Road has seen a drastic reduction of customers in recent weeks. When the owner looks around her nearly empty cafe, she blames the installation of protected bike lanes across the front of her business as the cause. Portia Kilburn has operated Portia's Cafe at 3840 E.