Kansas City Teaches NextGen ID Politics

To Start #TBT we lead off with a clip from one of our favorite old hip-hop movies that, sadly, isn't as dated as it should be when discussing a genre that only changed because new MCs just started mumbling.  

Fair play just in case and because, sadly, the lyrics are still relevant . . .

 Cheech & Chong's "Mexican Americans" Song  

Now here's a more important topic that might or might not be related to local school closings and parents desperately searching for educational alternatives . . . 

"The Black Youth Coalition Network wants to be a leading voice among Kansas City's youth. Their professional development programs and community activism is catching the eyes of Black leaders."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Young Black Kansas Citians start an activist coalition to ensure 'kids getting seats at the table'

Instead of partying or relaxing over his recent winter break, James McGee II spent much of his time organizing other young people and their families, and reviving a wide-ranging service organization called the Black Archives Youth Coalition Network, or BAYCON.