Kansas City Sunday Standoff: Bridgework, Playoff Countdown & Debt Limit

Right now an iconic moment with the angels inspires us to take a quick peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Can't Truss It . . . 

A Bridge So Far Update 3

Lot's of progress since our last visit... major girder installation today. Above, ramps heading toward downtown and Quality Hill. Below, views from Quality Hill/Case Park. Below, the final product due to be finished in 2024.

Mayors Make Up

Kansas City and Cincinnati go head-to-head in competition raising money for children's heart research

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval talked about the competition, and the AFC Championship game, Saturday afternoon outside of Children's Mercy. AS WE COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF AT ARROWHEAD STADIUM, FANS FROM BOTH KANSAS CITY AND CINCINNATI ARE GETTING HYPED THE GAME, INCLUDING THE MAYORS.

Meet The New GOAT?!?

Joe Burrow can take Patrick Mahomes rivalry to new level by supplanting him

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Is Arrowhead Stadium really "Burrowhead'' Stadium? The AFC Championship showdown Sunday between the Chiefs and Bengals will decide. The Bengals, the No. 3 seed in the AFC, have owned the Chiefs, the No. 1 seed, in the three meetings since Cincinnati trotted out its cocksure, victory-cigar-smoking quarterback Joe Burrow.

Toy Train Journey Expands

About one-quarter complete, KC's southern streetcar is on track for a big 2023 - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City streetcar's 3.5-mile southern extension to the Country Club Plaza and University of Missouri-Kansas City has started to heat up, with multiple milestones on the horizon in the year ahead. Crews with KC Streetcar Constructors recently started two to three weeks of welding the southern route's remaining track, combining six 80-foot rail sticks into 480-foot rail strings at Brookside Boulevard, between 49th and 51st streets.

Local Smith Slice Of Life

Forged in fire: KC blacksmith hammers red hot career crafting tools after surviving blaze (and blade)

A hand-forged knife introduced Brandon Dearing to blacksmithing; one also nearly cost him his life. The Hand and Hammer owner now makes tools - such as tongs and a variety of hammers - for other blacksmiths, using forging techniques he learned as a youth growing up in rural Missouri.

Underwear Tradition Cont'd

At Coyote Ugly, women leave bras, then make 'call of shame' the next day

The morning after, they would call to get something back on their chests. Tens of thousands of women have drunkenly taken off their bras to add to the collection decorating the famously raunchy East Village gin joint Coyote Ugly Saloon. Some, however, withdraw their support and phone the next day asking to retrieve the tossed lingerie.

Prez Biden Bucks Mediation

Never again: How a 'lesson of 2011' shaped Biden's no-negotiation stance on debt limit

WASHINGTON - In 2011, after faltering debt limit negotiations with House Republicans brought the U.S. to the brink of economic calamity, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden sat by the fireplace in the Oval Office, with their top aides on the couch.

MAGA Money Running Out

Donors slow as the realization hits that Trump can't beat feeble Joe Biden

Based on my random polling of Republicans in recent weeks, they all have something in common: They don't want Donald Trump to run for president in 2024. They say this not out of pure disdain. They loved Trump's policies, the low taxes, fewer regulations and his ­anti-wokeism. They loved Trump's willingness to fight.

Chattering Class Schedule

Sunday shows preview: Pence, more Biden documents found; McCarthy continues bid to oust 3 Dems from committees

The discovery of additional classified documents at the residences of President Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence and efforts from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to remove three Democrats from certain House committees will likely dominate this week's Sunday shows circuit. The saga of classified documents found at the residences and offices of Biden...

Viewer Discretion Advised

Why you absolutely should not watch the Tyre Nichols police killing video

Right now, Americans face a difficult choice of whether to watch video footage of Memphis police officers brutally beating Tyre Nichols. It may seem inescapable: the footage is everywhere on the news and online. But you do have a choice, and the decision is clear.

Pandemic Forever & Ever

How China's COVID Crisis Could Spawn a Disastrous Virus 'Leap'

China's COVID disaster is entering a critical phase. The BA.5.2 subvariant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is spreading essentially unchecked through a population of 1.4 billion people with weak COVID immunity. And as the virus is spreading, it's also mutating- fast.

Vatican College Life Exposed

Opinion | The War Between the Catholic Cardinals

Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. Give this article Give this article Give this article The death of the pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, was succeeded by a small literary outpouring, a rush of publications that were interpreted as salvos in the Catholic Church's civil war.

About One Of Our Faves

"Fearless, vulnerable, and accepting" on display as Susanna Lee's standup returns to The Comedy Club of Kansas City

Flier for Susanna Lee and Friends. // Courtesy of Susanna Lee Susanna Lee, joined by fellow KC comics Anna May Smith, DJ Hairston, and AJ Marroquin took over the intimate space of The Comedy Club of Kansas City's projection room on Jan. 27. They grab the spotlight again tonight for two more shows at 8 p.m.

Sunday Breeze

FORECAST: Wind gusts nearing 30 miles per hour around Sunday

A strong cold front will sweep through the area this evening sending temperatures into the teens by daybreak on Sunday. We could see a few flurries develop as the front passes, but it won't amount to much. The cold will be the big talker for the next two to three days.

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