Kansas City Still Hates AirBnB

The fight against tech "disruption" persists in local neighborhoods at the outset of 2023.

Here's a peek at slow-going progress for those last remaining local residents still living in houses:

"Two audits published by the city in late 2022 outline the loss of funds incurred due to a lack of permitting and inability to tax short-term rentals . . . Both city ordinances will be presented Tuesday before the Special Committee for Legal Review."

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KCMO City Council introduces 2 ordinances related to short-term rentals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Neighbors throughout pockets of Kansas City, Missouri, are gathering to create solutions for the ongoing rise of short-term rentals. "We began hearing directly from neighborhoods and neighborhood leaders a while ago that particularly short-term rentals, the Type 2, were having a significant impact on quality of life," said Tiffany Moore, Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council 6 th District director.