Kansas City Star Highlights Reparations Demand Supported By MLK Legacy

Recently, there has been an argument that MLK would've supported reparations for slavery

More than a half century after his death, it's not clear if that supposition is relevant one way or another given the decline of public education and what many fear is the end of history ushered in by way of social media killing the attention span of the NEXTGEN. 

Nevertheless . . .

Today the newspaper highlights a bold demand that echoes a recent urban conference . . . 

“Reparations for Black Kansas Citians.”

Here's the word . . .

"The individuals and institutions of the ruling class who hold the reins of economic and social power so tightly and mercilessly have equal share in the responsibility to create that more perfect union. All of Kansas City must join this movement for reparations — and be part of the solution toward healing and justice for Black people, who suffer from the historic ravages of slavery and discrimination."

Actually, the ultimatum is a bit clunky and overlooks a major sticking point. 

If reparations are enacted, the cost would be paid by ALL Kansas City residents regardless of their economic standing and not just so-called ruling class. 

Translation . . . As always, the struggling working-class & middle-class professionals carry most of the local tax burden and the politically charged "restitution" would fall upon their shoulders. 

Another honest question that's related to the demographics of this culture war conversation: 

What reparations would higher-income Asian-American and/or Latino Kansas City residents owe?!?

Asking for a friend. Also, I'd really like to hear anybody speak to that question and its historical relevance which might not be accounted for despite our increasingly diverse society.

And, as we noted previously, all of this overlooks the impending white flight that this effort could spark amongst residents of Kansas City proper given that many believe this move is an outright example of racially charged public policy in action. 

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council voted Thursday to approve the formation of a commission to study reparations for Kansas City, Missouri's involvement in the slavery, segregation and discrimination of Black people. The council voted 10-1 to approve the ordinance. Councilwoman Heather Hall cast the lone no vote.