Kansas City Star Denounces MAGA Newsletter For Jackson County Republicans

Honestly, this is the very BEST kind of promo that any independent publisher might expect. 

Sadly, we check out the offerings and they're kinda boring . . . And we couldn't find one decent joke on the old school website. 

Still, here's a peek at the argument . . .

Jackson County Republicans have a new monthly online bulletin, geared toward — in its own words — the “right-leaning voter.” The Blue Township Newsletter at jacomonews.org aims to appeal to conservative readers and recruit them to run for local offices.

The tropes of Trumpworld ooze from every pore of the newsletter, from its proclamation that “the Climate Change religion is a hoax,” to championing conservative Christian prayer in government meetings, to promoting a bizarre commentary by disgraced QAnon booster Michael Flynn, to its slogan “Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth,” or to attacks on our election system from the Gateway Pundit, a blatantly fake news site based in St. Louis that is, distressingly, among the most-visited conservative pages on the internet.

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The Blue Township Newsletter relies on the disinformation that litters social media.